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  • $22,222,222,222 and counting – Secret Treasure Hoard Discovered in Ancient Indian Temple

    July 4, 2011 | Posted by

    A treasure worth more then $22 billion USE has been discovered in an ancient southern temple in India. The treasure consists of an unbelievable hoard of gold, diamonds, pearls and almost every other precious element that is known to mankind. The treasure was unearthed by a seven member panel that was inspecting the temple. The treasure lies inside secret underground vaults, hitherto unused until the team used the services of the fire marshalls and the archaelogy department. There are 6 such vaults , some of which have not been opened since 1872 A.D.

    The stories that are coming out of the temple are nothing short of fiction. We are told that there are sack full of diamonds from the era of Napoleon , about 1 tonne (2200 lbs) of gold in the form of rice trinkets, precious stones wrapped in bundles of silk, another 1000 kilos or 1 tonne of gold in the form of coins, ropes made from gold as well as rare ‘sarappoli necklaces’.

    A statue of the presiding deity of the temple, Lord Vishnu was also found. The three and a half feet tall idol is studded with ermeralds, rubies and diamonds. To adorn the deity, a 18 feet long ornament which weighs 35 kilos (again made of gold) was also found.

    The Supreme Court of India which has since stepped in to ensure that the temple and its treasure are adequately guarded has also appointed observers to ensure that the wealth is safeguarded. Retired Judges who are presiding over the stock taking of the treasure said that the treasure was so vast that it is hard to put a date when they would finally be able to complete counting it. Another 2 vaults remain to be opened at the time of writing this article. The current find has already made the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple the richest in India easily surpassing every other temple.

    The wealth that has been found has merely been counted on the basis of current valuations / prices of gold and diamonds. If one were to add the value of the historical significance of these jewels, the treasure can easily be a priceless one. The entire story sounds straight out of an Indiana Jones adventure, but we assure you its all real. Lets hope that the Supreme Court of India ensures that this wealth is used and not just stored for the betterment of the poverty stricken.

    We will keep you updated on the valuations of the temple as they proceed.

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