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  • $11 Million for a Gold and Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren – Red Gold Dream

    December 6, 2011 | Posted by

    Said to be the pride and joy of Swiss entrepreneur Ueli Anliker, the Mercedes SLR McLaren is soon going to be put up for sale. The asking price? A cool $11 Million.

    A Gold And Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren

    Love it or hate it, this sort of display of wealth has its fair share of fans. The car is the end result of more then 30,000 hours of work when 35 people labored over it. Loads of Gold (‘untold quantities’ isn’t exactly definitive) all of which was 24 karat as well as upto 600 rubies have been used in creating the car. 5 million swiss francs ($5.4 million USD) were used up just for the materials that were utilised to build the Red Gold Dream . Add the cost of the labor and suddenly that $11 Million price tag sounds like a deal.

    A Gold And Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren_02

    The gold has been used to cover the rims, logos, door handles, radiator as well as upholstery. Almost 5 kilos (11 pounds) of gold was used to mix with the red paint to make the Red Gold Dream a reality. The car has been painted with 25 layers of this paint giving it a surreal look. The rubies have been used to substitute the wheel bolts, indicators as well as buttons inside the car. The Mercedes currently has 700 horsepower, but Anliker wants to bring it up to 1000 horsepower before putting it up for sale. While paying the $11 Million is one thing, safeguarding a car, which is basically a dream come true for any car-jacker is another matter altogether. The vehicle has been equipped with a GPS module that allows the owner to track the vehicle as well as disable it by remote. However, for a car that has rubies instead of wheel nuts, that certainly would not be enough. Accordingly, Anliker has also included a two zone radar sensor that requests passer bys to stand clear of the car. Whether the Red Gold Dream is able to zap them with a laser in case they do not comply, is something that Ueli is not telling us.

    A Gold And Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren_03

    A Gold And Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren_04

    A Gold And Ruby Encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren_05

    Not surprisingly prospective buyers have already surfaced in the Middle East and China ; the only two places where buyers can still afford such extravagant cars.

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